Facilities Management

Facilities Management


Jeffrey Charles and Associates is proud to introduce a unique Facilities Management Company. In our on going efforts to develop and create new and innovative ways to better serve our communities, we discovered that dealing with various contractors has not always been efficient and cost effective. As a result; it was we created Facilities Management to centralize maintenance tasks and create our own mobile maintenance department to deliver prompt and low cost services to our communities.


Facilities Management is an imperative resource in maintaining a community’s assets and appearance. We do this by offering comprehensive maintenance services, in conjunction with superior performance, detailed attention to every maintenance need. Facilities Management reinforces our commitment to our communities and the preservation of the association’s integrity and living experience for each owner and potential owner.


Services Include:

o       General Contracting

o       Project Management

o       Routine Maintenance Services

o       Emergency Repair Services

o       Preventive Maintenance Plans

o       Replacement Reserve Analysis

o       Insurance Restoration